Go Higher — the Second Halving Is Complete!

2 min readFeb 4, 2022


With the continuous growth of ZoomSwap V2, we are very excited to announce that ZoomSwap V2 has completed the second halving at block height: 15659000! Block rewards reduced from 5 $ZM to 2.5 $ZM per block.

Current ZoomSwap stats

Circulating supply 👉🏻 $22,739,348
Total Minted 👉🏻 $22,739,348
Total Burned 👉🏻 $3,337
Total Value Locked (TVL) 👉🏻 $7,171,809.46
New $ZM/block: $2.5

Highlights in the last two months

1. ZoomLottery launch! 🔥 Total Pot exceeded 6K+ $ ZM🌈
2. Upgrade ZoomLottery to Beta V2 👉🏻 Draw once a week 🔸 Adjust Burn to 1% 🎁 The Bigger jackpot
3. Cooperated with StarCrazy to open StarCrazy Round 2 Farm and Rocket Pool on ZoomSwap.
4. Launched the $ZM pool on FilDA Finance.
5. New feature notice: 🛸Space Station, a pool service provided by ZoomSwap for all projects on IoTeX chain!
6. Community: 24K+ twitter followers 🌎, more and more users are joining us.

More mechanisms of ZoomSwap are being improved and modified to better adapt to the market! 🔋

ZoomSwap V2 halving schedule

About ZoomSwap

ZoomSwap is the top farming infrastructure that builds liquidity for projects on IoTeX. Launching on IoTeX, Zoomswap has partnered with projects like StarCrazy, Cyclone Protocol, MCN Ventures, and provides 23 farms and pools to community members.

ZoomSwap benefits from fast and cheap transaction capabilities on IoTeX.

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🚀 ZoomSwap is a cross-chain infrastructure project that builds liquidity for layer-one blockchains, AMMs and partnering projects.